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Zenity Fitness a pioneer in performance enhancement has developed has applied this concept to the bedroom via a rhythm training apparatus that gives you an edge your partner will feel.

Music Is Power

Music changes the body and mind during physical exertion. Music distracts people from pain and fatigue, elevates mood, increases endurance, reduces perceived effort and may even promote metabolic efficiency. When listening to music, people run farther, bike longer and swim faster than usual—often without realizing it. Tell me more…


Sound The Alert

Your auditory sensors are on high alert both when you are active in the gym and when you are active in the bedroom. They play a huge part in the development of focus, subconsciously you are keying in to micro rhythms in your breath that help you endure, and exert more energy.Tell me more…

You’re Best When…

Optimal performance is reached when your body and breath fall into a movement trance to a rhythm that it is comfortable in any Elite athletic trainer will tell you that. What happens when you bring that training to the bedroom? Tell me more…


Researchers have found that the music that you listen to while you are performing a specific kind of exercise defines how you do that exercise without music. You literally perform how you practice. Scientists currently know what kind of music is best for runners, cyclists, rowers, even golfers and equestrians.

Zenity Fitness’ research team has investigated which would be best for sexual performance. Many factors were taken in to consideration such as tempo that would allow for sexual stamina while maintaining a motivation for creativity,and for hip motility .

The result is a kind of music that literally makes you a better lover.
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Sound Advice

Approaching music as a wholistic performance enhancing drug Zenity Fitness during sex the body recognizes signs of extreme exertion—rising levels of lactate in the muscles, a thrumming heart, increased sweat production—and decides it needs a break. But training using Zenity’s music competes with this physiological feedback for the brain’s conscious attention. Tell me more…


Sound Preparation

Where as you used to be tired, now, you go into a sexual trance, a zone and your mind focuses away from fatigue and into choosing from the arsenal of S.T.R.O.K.Es that you have been training. You perform at your highest level because you have trained your auditory sensors to do so.

Our Process

Each composition is comprised of various rhythmic elements that directly interact with your workout experience and sexual muscle memory

Consistent Rhythm
This beat style sets the pace, the tempo of the exercise. It is congruent with the ideal stroking pace to use during intimacy.
Off Beat Rhythm
This beat style overlays the consistent rhythm and gives a separate pattern that can be used to deviate to faster or slower speeds during exercise.
Sporadic Rhythm
This beat style weaves between Consistent and Off Beat Rhythms it offers opportunities to add creative variety and personal inflection into workouts.
Emotive Treble
This comprises the melodic sounds laid over the various beats. Each song has a unique texture driven by the emotive treble. The purpose is to trigger a specific feeling that will drive your style and choice of strokes during exercise.
Rhythmic Training Styles

there are various ways to use zenity music


Training for how to perform S.T.R.O.K.Es on beat and how to maintain the rhythmic sequence in your muscle memory.
By training tracking you can become sensitive enough to pick up on your partners rhythm and stroke to it.


Training for how to deviate your stroke from one rhythm to another seamlessly. The ability to switch rhythms and the strokes associated with each is an essential skill for keeping intimacy exciting and unscripted and for memorizing how your partner likes to be stroked


Training for developing your own rhythm and style. By sharpening the ability to attach strokes to specific sounds and fire them without hesitation you add creativity and personal inflection and personlization to your intimate performance making it impossible to be duplicated

Training Styles

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Traning Styles




Available Experiences

Each experience is targeted at a spurring a specific emotion while evoking creativity, confidence and excellence. Each gives you a harmony of individual rhythms that load into your subconscious during training and become available in the bedroom. Find yourself in a S.T.R.O.K.E trance that takes your performance to heights you never thought imaginable










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“I am constantly am amazed at what this training brings out of me in the bedroom, she says I am like another person between the sheets”Garvin. M

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